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10 Purrrfect Handmade Pet Lover Holiday Gifts Priced from $7 to $50

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by Tami Nantz | Art of the Pet | 5 months, 1 week ago

Holiday season is just around the corner and a great way to show the Holiday spirit to pet lovers is to give handmade, artisan crafted pet-related gifts.  Order NOW as it takes time to have the Artisans create their handmade pet products.

We list down 10 pawsome gift ideas to give that are budget-friendly starting at $7.00. Be sure to message the Artisan for any questions you have about their products.

1. Handmade Pet Treats starting at $7

We have a great selection of pet treat Makers on Art of the Pet and they aren’t just for dogs.. AJ’s Pet Treats makes treats for a variety of animals including rabbits, hamsters, and horses.  Our original treat maker from Nature’s Circle has incredible cheesy tasting treats made of goat milk. Gourmet treats from Bonne et Filou are doggie macarons that look like Human macarons! Last but not least, Mr Wiggles Dog Treats come in a variety of tasty flavors your pooch will love such as peanut butter, chicken or cheese. Healthy treat options are a fantastic option for your pets or Friends that have pets as they are handmade and fresh!

2. Handy Custom Photo Night Light  $25

Let’s start the list with a custom 3D printed object called lithophane with an LED nightlight with a day/night sensor that can plug into any wall. Light passes through the thin parts while being blocked by the thick parts that brings out the details of the image when turned on. Printer Doods can take any photo of your friend’s furriend and turn it into a 3D printed object. Available in small (4 inches tall) and large size (5 inches tall). 

3. Charming Pet Photo Necklace $15

We are all familiar with lockets that hold things of sentimental value such as photo or lock of hair. But how about a pendant that features a furbaby to keep close to one’s heart? Dangle Charms makes this perfect pet photo necklace that is also a very sentimental gift for only $15.00! Basic editing and touch-ups are already included in the package. Pictures available in black and white, sepia, or full color. Pendant finishes in silver black or bronze and you can choose between stainless and sterling silver for the necklace.

4. Beautiful Handmade Paw Print Wrap Bracelet  $25

Serene Bayside Jewelry makes handcrafted, high quality leather wrapped bracelets with paw print charms and is perfect for dog and cat lovers. Made from 5mm wide leather that triple wraps around the wrist and has a magnetic clasp for easy usage. The paw print slide charm and clasp are made of rhodium or silver plated zinc alloy and are nickel, cadmium, and lead-free. They have 4 sizes readily available on the site but should you need a different one, they can also customize it.

5. Playful Leash Holders $42.50

Artoons has handcrafted and functional leash holders show the playful expression of any dog. "Play, Eat, Nap" leash holder, “Will Walk for Treats”, “It wasn’t Me” are made by Artoons by Full Circle. Each leash holder measures approximately 7"W x 11"H.

6. Pretty Pet Wine Glass $42

Know someone who is a wine lover? Artist Carol Stoecker is known for her pet portrait paintings but she also paints pets on wine glasses! All handmade and cured in the oven. This is a nice addition to any home’s novelty wine glass collection and can also be hand washed and dried with a towel. She already has a wide selection of dog designs but you can send her a message if the breed you are looking for is not yet there. 

7. Custom-made Pet Photo Mugs $11

A variety of personalized dog and kitty photo mugs that have different sayings such as “All I Need is Love and My (insert pet name or breed)” , “World’s most Awesome Dog Walker”, “I just want to read and cuddle with my Tabby”  Each mug has a side with a picture of the pet and the saying on the other side. The entire design including the text, artwork, and photo is permanently printed on a quality white ceramic mug using a special sublimation heat process. Colors are bright and will not fade or flake no matter how many times it has been used and washed. Snatch this dishwasher and microwave safe cute mug by Pet Lovers Custom Gifts for only $11.00

8. Handmade Key and Leash Holder $44

This classy wood crafted, wall-hung key and leash holder is a perfect and attractive way to organize stuff. Crafted by artisans of Cades & Birch from pine, mahogany, or walnut base, and adorned with laser cut 1/8” birch wood decor with the hook options-these are dimensional wood cutouts, not sticker or paints. Under each is a unique brass color metal hook to hold keys and leashes. This is available in 3 sizes and various designs with up to 3 hooks.

9. Custom Pet Portraits on Ceramic Tile $50

This is not your ordinary pet portrait as this portrait is painted with enamel on ceramic tile. Not Just Canvas paints the background shade to contrast with the pet’s color based on the photo you provide. There are three sizes to choose from and you can get 6” square ceramic tile for $50.00.  

10. Touching Pet Tribute Candle and Token $23

A thoughtful gift for a friend who recently said goodbye to a beloved pet. Luxepets makes this dog Lovers memorial candle and pet loss token gift set to help people commemorate their pets. The aromatherapy candles come with a healing lavender, vanilla, or jasmine scent and are wrapped in a sheer organza sheet with a gift enclosed card. 

What's your favorite from the list? We’d love to hear it! Comment or tag us in a post on Instagram and Facebook.