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12 Handmade Dog Accessories for Fall sure to make your dog WOOF!

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by Tami Nantz | Art of the Pet | 1 year, 8 months ago

Walking your dogs in the parks and malls today is not just about giving them the exercise and interaction that they need, but it also has become a way of showing everyone what a trendsetter they can be.  After all, the world is their runway.

So out with the old and in with the new! WE have built a list of 12 Dog Handmade Accessories that are sure to make a positive impression this fall.

These accessories are a practical fashion statement handmade by expert artisans and craftsmen. Essential and equally stylish!

Dog clothing and dog toy

1. Dog Fleece Sweater

Winter is coming, and SophiaMaximDesign may have the perfect outfit for your dogs! Protect them from the cold with this fashionable fleece sweater that is a sure head-turner. Their handmade Folkloric Day of the Dead design is made of 100% anti-pilling polyester, and is available in black or red color options, and is machine washable.

2. Doggy Raincoat

Gone are the days when dogs can’t head out because of the rain. Especially, with this handmade and water-resistant raincoat by Smooch La Pooch. The coat can be worn with or without the hoodie and is made of dark gray vinyl fabric that is water-resistant with red fabric trim. The closure goes from the bottom of the neck down to cover the belly with a Velcro closure. They are also decorated with cute buttons, and cotton bias ribbon tape to complete the look.

3. Dog Scarf

BKLYN Handmade is popularly known for the handmade crochets products, and one of their best sellers is the red "Clifford" dog scarf. It is a warm doggie snood that can double as a scarf and a hat on brutal winter walks. The artisan crafted scarf can be worn around the shoulders or neck or pulled up around their head and ears on colder days. The chunky yarn keeps your pup’s ears protected on frigid days. This product will make a great addition to your dog’s fleece sweater mentioned above!

4. Twin Tiller Tug

Tiller Tugs is one of our first Artisans who joined up with Art of the Pet and sales of the Tiller Tug products go to support animal rescue groups in California. This twin tiller tug is one of our most popular toys and is made of reclaimed fire hose which makes them rugged and durable. Great for multi-dog homes where they can play tug of war with each other. You can let your strong fur buddies play without the fear of tearing their toy apart. But what made these tiller tugs more special is that they are cut and sewn by hand out of eco-friendly, recycled fire hose and nylon webbing!

Dog tag, leash and collar

5. Handcrafted Pet-ID tags

If you want peace of mind in the event your pup gets lost a pet ID tag is a helpful way to get reunited as quick as possible. We have a variety of artisan crafted tags to suit your style! We have cool, retro, surf style tags from Doggie Diggs which are crafted out of exotic woods and shipped from California. Want bling bling and luxe? Check out our mixed metal Artisan crafted ID tags from VacforPets made of durable hardware made to last. These tags are gorgeous and unique created by Thanos in Greece. If you are looking for more relaxed and casual doggie tags that are cost-effective yet still handmade, PetProMart has a variety of styles made from aluminum including a pet ID bar to hang from the collar. LuxePets creates “Guardian Angel” pet ID tags in a variety of colors and designs to have your dog safely returned back to you. May this Guardian Angel Pet Tag be always there to watch over your dog.

6. Braided bull-hide Leash

You’ll never have to use the same old boring leash again with this Tie dye braided bullhide leash, handmade by DingDog. It is soft to feel but strong which is perfect for any dog. Also has an optional tie dye collar to add with the leash. Now you and your dog can have a walk that is both comfortable and safe.

7. Vest-style Dog Harness and Leash

Truly comfortable to use. Personalize your dog’s coordinated collars and leashes with Haute Dogs Design Co. as they can customize fabric vest-style dog harness and leash set with any cloth available in their shop! Just tell them which fabric resonates with you and your dog the most, and they’ll handle the rest. Made to order from Texas.

8. Handcrafted Collar

Let your dog stand out with this strong handcrafted collar ideal for medium to large dogs by VacForPets our quality Maker from Greece. Their collars are entirely made by hand, from the carefully picked cow leather and have fine details including a handmade ID tag made of two different metals. Strong and durable hardware is used, and special attention is also given to make sure your dogs feel absolutely comfortable and safe, too!

Dog sweaters, collar and bandana

9. Reversible Bandana

A great bang for the buck product – two styles and prints in one bandana! Your pup can now sport two different styles and two different fabric prints in one with this reversible- “dog to the rescue-bandana” by Mechelle’s Mutts. All bandanas are handmade with 100% cotton fabric and are enhanced with topstitching and slip over the collar for safety.

10. Beaded Dog Collar

Add that extra sparkle with this designer rhinestone beaded dog collar from HautePawz, embellished with various shades of monochromatic seed beads and glitzy oval rhinestones. With this collar, you and your dog will definitely be stealing the spotlight, and shine as you go for walks.

11. Cable Cotton Sweaters for BIG Dogs

It’s so hard to find fashionable, and handmade dog sweaters for large dogs. Look no more! Our fabulous designer from Gabriella’s Petstyle has just the sweater and jackets to keep your dog warm and looking good. The Tundra sweater is made of 100% USA grown cotton in cable design and buttoned up with 3 wood buttons on each side for comfortable IN & OUT.

12. Faux Leather Bomber Jacket by Bubba BowWow

Top Gun the movie made aviator jackets popular. With the return of TopGun 2 in 2021 why not have your dog decked out like Maverick? The Abe-lator jacket by Bubba BowWow is made of faux leather with a short style that is designed to fit snug and keeps your dog warm with the fleece lining. Please message the Artisan for further information related to the sizing.

Which of these do you think you’ll be purchasing soon? Don’t worry if you are having a hard time choosing one, or two. You and your dog will definitely love all of them!

What's your favorite pet accessory from the list? We’d love to hear it! Comment or tag us in a post on Instagram and Facebook.