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7 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Pet

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by Art of the Pet | 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Got special plans on the big day? Your pet is your biggest supporter and number one fan, and a special Valentine's Day is the perfect way to show you care. Let us know your ideas and plans with your pet and send us some pictures or tag us on Facebook and Instagram - we will be sending out handmade pet gifts to the photos that get the most shares and likes! 

As Valentines Day fast approaches, here are some fun ideas to spoil your pet on this special day of love.

1. Treat them to a new toy.

Cats and dogs LOVE new toys.  I know Piper and Harper perk up when they see me bring home a new tug or squeaky toy.  They love when we play hide and seek with the toys too as it makes them use different senses such as their noses to find the fun!

2. Got treats? Spoil them!

Treats are always a home run with dogs, cats and bunnies.  Luffa toys filled with catnip for kitties, cheese flavored treats for dogs and how about something a little different if you have a bunny? Instead of a carrot, dried pineapple in small doses can be a new favorite in addition to carrots.

3. Get them in theme with the season.

New doggy clothing and accessories in red or pink will really help your pet stand out at the dog park, coffee shop or even a restaurant patio that’s “pet friendly”.  It’s a little chilly in February so you may want to get a colorful new sweater or scarf to keep them warm.  Even big dogs may love a warm sweater when it’s cold outside so bundle them up!  All weather coats and doggy raincoats are good to have on hand in the event of inclement weather on your walks.

4. Take your furry valentine out to get a photo or a portrait.

Pet portraits are another way to have keep your pet top of mind. Why not have a painting or photo shoot together?  Could be fun and a way to hang your beloved pet on the wall to permanently remember the “good times” you had w/your pet.

5. Exercise together!

Go on a hike or take them to the park.  For dogs, it’s pretty easy to take these four legged buddies on a walk or hike the trails making sure you have them leashed up if they are trained to be off leash. For cats, why not buddy up with another cat loving friend to have a play date.  Some cats are leash trained with a harness and if so that’s another way to get outdoors and love your time together.  

6. Arrange a play date at doggy daycare.

This is like a day at the beach for some dogs.  You can find highly rated doggy day care places in your area that will allow your dog to socialize with other furry friends.  Piper and Harper go to Lucky Dog Ranch and they play all day long.  Our routine: We wake up, eat breakfast, dress up in our winter coats, play all day, come back home, eat dinner and go to bed.  Eat…play…sleep repeat. 

7. Donate to your favorite shelter or rescue in your dog’s name.

Last but not least, how about showing the LOVE by making a donation to your favorite pet charity?  At Art of the Pet we have several including Texas GSP Rescue, Ranch Hand Rescue, Operation Kindness and a few human charities such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital the MS Society. Do you have a favorite pet charity you support?  Feel free to let us know… we would love to hear about them and hope you will tell them about us too! 

Happy Valentine’s from your Friends at