About Us

Based in Dallas, Texas, USA, Art of the Pet is a small family business formed for our love of pets.  Our family has owned, cared for, and loved everything from hamsters to horses - plus more than a few dogs, cats, and birds in between.

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We are an online pet marketplace that connects pet owners looking for "just the handmade pet product" with the artisans and designers who can make it happen. The relationship also works the other way: helping seriously creative pet lovers find the people who want to purchase their products. We offer handmade leather dog collars, handmade cat toys, handmade dog toys, artisan-crafted pet treats, pet portraits, toxin-free dog shampoos, and more.  

We are actively looking for more high-quality Artisan pet products.  You can inquire about our seller program by emailing [email protected]

The Logo

The Art of the Pet logo is based off a real pooch - a German Shorthaired Pointer named Piper. She's happy, energetic and has her own ideas about things - a lot like Art of the Pet! Our other official fur-partner is Harper, Piper's sister. We adopted Harper from the Texas GSP Rescue. Art of the Pet is actively involved with the group, as well as other organizations dedicated to both human and animal welfare.

Why Art of the Pet?

We started this marketplace because every time we looked for customized items for Piper, Harper, and our other pets, we ended up on sites selling all sorts of other things too! If we searched for a simple custom-made dog collar, we'd be buried in irrelevant listings of mass-produced pet supplies. We looked in vain for an online marketplace devoted to handcrafted pet goods and were amazed to find that none existed. So we formed Art of the Pet LLC.  We also wanted to support the Artists and Craftsmen who make great products for pets and need more visibility to get the word out about their amazing products for pets! 

Shop here first for handmade leather dog collars, handmade cat collars, handmade dog and cat toys, pet portraits, handmade pet treats, toxin-free dog shampoos, and more.

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The ultimate pet marketplace offers:

  • Handmade elevated pet feeders
  • Handmade pet ID tags
  • Custom pet portraits
  • Artisan-crafted pet treats
  • Handmade dog bandanas
  • Toxin-free dog shampoos
  • Handmade cat and dog toys
  • Artisan made pet memorials
  • Handmade leather dog collars
  • Handmade cat collars
  • Handmade dog clothes
  • Handmade gifts for pet owners

Four great features you'll enjoy

Monthly Sweepstakes

Multiple winners every month! Enter free by joining our Art of the Pet email list. Prizes include a variety of rotating prizes including handmade collars, pet ID tags, pet treats & more. 

One Stop Shop for Pet Lovers of Handmade Goods

Our marketplace will allow customers to shop for high quality and original handmade pet products of all kinds.  All of our Artisans set their own pricing but we strive to have a variety of price points.

A community of Pet Lovers

Send your friends to Art of the Pet and you will be helping to grow a worldwide community of pet lovers, plus you'll also have the opportunity to contribute articles, events, and blog on pet topics. 

Pet Articles

Art of the Pet posts articles regularly on a variety of topics curated from different pet industry authors, pet owners, and artisans that offer their products on our platform.

Our Customer Commitment

100% focused on pets

100% pet handmade goods and supplies

Secure shopping experience

Seller and Customer support

Easy to search for, select and buy products

Mobile and Desktop ready

One-Stop Shop for Handmade Pet Goods

Accounts are easy to set up, sign in and manage

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