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Carol Stoecker's Pet Portraits | Award Winning Artist -Denton County 2014 - 2018

Ideas to inspire

by Tami Nantz | 1 year, 6 months ago

I met Carol at a Dallas area pet event in 2018. What drew me to her was that her booth set up was unique with 12 foot high pets peeking over her walls as if they were looking into her art studio. I got closer to her display of paintings of cats and dogs and it made me smile. I felt that I was looking into a book of dog and cat characters that were on a fun adventure.  I introduced myself to Carol and as it turns out, she lives in my home town in Denton, TX! Carol's style is whimsical and fun.   Her ability to paint animals off of a photo and make them appear as characters that could star in a book or movie is what makes her art work unique. I'm delighted to say Carol is offering her work on Art of the Pet!   

Here is Carol’s biography in her own words…

Art has come in many shapes and sizes in my lifetime. After earning a Bachelor of Art Degree in Fashion Design with a Minor in Fashion Illustration, I have worked several very creative jobs, from District Home Economist, Pattern Maker, Clothing Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Floral Designer to full time Artist. I have also volunteered in the Destination Imagination program (creative problem solving) to share some of my creative techniques with children. 

In 1999, I expanded my creative career by starting my own business painting murals and faux finishes in hundreds of model and residential homes as well as restaurants. My business grew to become full time art and I have experienced many types of paints through my murals, fine art, pet portraits, heirloom paintings, glass painting and book illustrating

I added pet portraits to my offerings about four years ago because it gives me the chance to connect with many more people. To date, I have painted over 350 pets. In every pet portrait, I enjoy bringing to life the pet’s curious, loveable, adventurous side! 

Shelby painting by Carol StoeckerOriginal photo of Shelby

I will work with you to make sure your painting captures your pet before shipping. You may find Carol's shop on Art of the Pet and have a commissioned special portrait of your fur baby who captures your heart!