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Fun Furry Activities Before Summer Ends

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by Cherry Ann Marie Espelita | 1 year, 8 months ago

It's summertime and it’s the most exciting season of the year. Summertime should be about out of town trips and refreshing treats together with our family. But it is important that you also bring your furry family member so they can also enjoy the sun. Before you start snorkeling, take note that the increase in temperature also increases the danger to our pets. Let us remember that our pets are not like us, they don’t sweat exactly like humans, so if the weather is really hot, it is recommended that your pets get plenty of fluid intake and get some shade and fresh air. Another thing to remember, is never leave your pets inside a car. The car will heat up to a dangerous temperature in just a few minutes.  It’s important to also test the walkway with the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot for your furry friend’s paws before you walk with them. By following these tips, you can help make sure your pets stay safe and happy for the summertime fun. Enjoy the summer sun now or regret it when it ends.

Now, you might be wondering about fun activities you can do with your furry family member so here are some suggestions:

1. Enjoy a Beach Outing

Just like humans, pets feel refreshed when visiting the beach too. We can enjoy a splash in the surf plus or playing fetch with our dog perhaps with a handmade fire hose Tiller Tug toy on the sand. Be sure to go to the pet-friendly beaches which allow for pets to swim and play in the sand. It is advisable to put an ID tag or collar on your pets so you can easily track and recognize them while enjoying the sun. More importantly, we need to assure that we also bring bottled water and a travel water bowl to keep them dehydrated while enjoying under the sun. Finally, as a fur parent, it is our responsibility to keep an eye on them to keep them safe while having fun.

2. Arrange a Backyard Camp Out

Camping with your loved ones can be very fun. But it will be so much fun if you do it with your furry friend. Watching the stars under the moon, on a blanket while hugging your furry friend is a very relaxing feeling. Most importantly, make sure you prepare good food and quality handmade pet treats for you and your furry family member. Just a reminder, always serve healthy food and treats for your pets. If it’s cool outside remember to get them a fleece jacket to keep them warm and comfy.

3. Play in a Pool

Who says no to a day swimming? Swimming is not only fun, it’s also a great way to introduce a different form of exercise for your pets. Just remember that you must take precautionary measures before teaching your pet to swim. Moreover, we need to understand that some puppies love swimming; but others are simply not interested. You can add fun by giving a cute swimming attire for your pet but for safety you may want to consider a pet life jacket. Handmade dock toss toys float in the water and can also be a good option so your pets can play on the pool.

4. Go on a Road Trip

As a family, road trip is a fun bonding. Our pets will surely love it too. A road trip requires us to wear our most comfortable clothes, just the same, you can also buy a handmade clothing for your pet. Comfortable fabric suggestions are those made of cotton or spandex. While we enjoy, make sure to crack the window so that your pets can feel the wind in their faces and catch new smells. Remember also to fasten your pets’ seat belt. Don’t even worry about your destination. Just spend some quality time with your furry family member. Don’t forget to bring a bottled water, with travel dishes and food for your pet, they will need to boost their energy while on the road.

5. Share a Frozen Treat

We all know that only frozen treats and cool beverages can save us from the hot weather. Do you know that you can also make a frozen treat for your pets? You can use any of your pet’s favorite treats and food to make a yummy frozen snack. If you don’t have time making them, you can order online some delicious and handmade treats for your pets.

6. Have a Backyard Dog Party

If you have a dog who really loves being in water, you can set up a pet party in your backyard with a sprinkler, just as kids love playing in the sprinkler, you pooch may too! You can invite some of the friendly neighbor’s dogs and your friends from the neighborhood so they can play and socialize with other pets. It’s important to socialize them slowly and safely on a leash or harness to see if they will get along fine before letting them play unleashed. A party will never be complete without the food, as a fur parent you can serve handmade snacks and treats for your pet and the other pets coming to the party. You can also add a surprise to the party by giving away handmade dog collars or doggy bow ties to dogs attending. As an additional giveaway, you can also take a picture of the pet party and transform it into a 3D printed photo as a remembrance.

7. Arrange a Picnic at a Park

We love dining in at our favorite restaurants, but it will be more fun if we still do the traditional picnic at a park. Your pets will love eating outdoors, too. Summer is a great time to take advantage of outdoor dining. While eating outside, you can dress your pet by grooming them and dressing them up in colorful handmade pet bandanas. This will be a memorable day so you should take a selfie with your favorite pet. You can transform this photo into a cute sketch art and seal it with a frame. How lovely is that?

8. Train and Play Tricks

Quality time is said to be an informal reference to time spent with close family, partners or friends that is in some way important and special. Since our pets are now part of the family, we should also spend time with them this summer. Playing tricks and training exhibitions can be some of the activities that you can do with your pet. Training pets may require some handmade toys and rewards to keep them focus. Take note that it requires time and patience for your pets to master some commands that you teach. It is important to start teaching them the basic tricks before introducing new tricks.

9. Play Tug with your Dog

Since your dogs will enjoy playing under the sun, take them out for a play day. If you your dog loves to play ball, he will probably love playing with tug toys too. You can take your dog outside for play time which may include teaching them tricks or running with them as an early morning exercise.

Truly, summer is the best time to go on a vacation and visit the beach. But if you can’t go on a travel out of town, you can still enjoy fun activities at home. While having fun, don’t forget to give your pets the things that they deserve as a reward being our most loyal companion. Make it memorable with your pets by providing them the best accessories, clothing and treats. Get the best handmade stuff for your furry family member at Art of the Pet Marketplace

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Image via Pexels