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A Very Furry Future: Millennials Get Top Spot in Pet Ownership

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by Danielle Sullivan | 1 week, 6 days ago

Millennials may get a bad wrap from older generations but they get top honors when it comes to pet ownership. Millennials, people born between 1980 and 2000, account for the largest demographic of cat and dog owners. They surpass the baby boomer generation when it comes to raising furry family members. 7 out of every 10 millennials not only own a pet but rightly so consider their pet to be part of the family.

The Stats

  • While most millennials expect to spend about $2,000 a year for medical care, 1 in 10 said they would spend $10K+ if their pet were in a dire medical situation
  • 67 percent refer to their pet as their fur baby
  • 68 percent would opt for leave from work to welcome a new pet into the family
  • Millennial dog owners spend an average of $1,285 annually on their pet, while millennial cat owners spend an average of $915 a year

Working and Travel

This may come as no surprise as more dogs are welcomed in the workplace and spend the day with their owners. Anyone who has been in a WeWork has likely noticed the dog beds, leashes, and sweet furry faces behind the glass walls. More dogs and cats are traveling on the subway, bus, and planes. Such traveling may call for inventive ways to feed and comfort pets on the go, along with unique and personalized ID tags to identify them in transit, but more companies are recognizing the need for travel and go items for dogs and cats such as snacks and toys.


Many consider raising a puppy or kitten a prequel to raising a baby and believe that owning a pet should be a requirement before parenting a human. Consequently, the focus on natural and holistic health products is important to young pet owners. Good health does not always have to involve dangerous medications, sprays, and chemicals if the natural route can work just as well.

Social Media

With millennial skilled much more in social media and technology in general, as compared to the boomer generation, they naturally share their pets’ cute pics on their social pages. They purchase pet scarves, hats, clothing, and even costumes to make pet parenting all the more fun.

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Danielle Sullivan is a writer living in New York City, and the co-founder of BKLYN Handmade, an online store that sells handmade, crocheted scarves and snoods for dogs and their humans. Her black lab, Django is her muse and best friend. Find them on their website Some Puppy To Love.