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Moving With Your Cat: Everything You Need to Know

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by Mark Simons | 2 years ago

If you’re a cat owner who is planning a big move, you may be dreading the process. But with these resources, you’ll be able to find solutions to all of your moving woes. And while you’re at it, you’ll want to purchase a few new toys for your cat from a reputable retailer like Art of the Pet! These resources will help you tackle everything from figuring out your house-hunting budget to crate training your cat for moving day.

Buying a Home

You’re on the lookout for a home that both you and your cat will love. These tips will help you find it.

  • Work with a real estate agent who understands that you’ll be thinking of your cat as you browse listings.

  • Sit down and go over your financial portfolio to determine your house-hunting budget. Remember, your cat doesn’t need a large, luxurious space!

  • Buying a home during the COVID-19 pandemic can be risky. Follow these safety     precautions to avoid contracting the virus.     

Get Ready to Move

Is your cat ready for everything that moving day will bring? With these resources, everyone in your household will be prepared.

  • Crate training a cat can be challenging, so it’s better to start this process well before moving day.

  • As you pack up, make sure that you won’t misplace your cat’s belongings — label everything properly.

  • Do you have a long drive planned before reaching your new home? Help your cat stay relaxed in the car.     

Settling Down

You’ve arrived. Now, it’s time to unpack, make sure your cat is comfortable, and reward them for their good behavior. 

Moving with a cat can certainly be complicated. After all, these independent animals like to do things their way. But you can definitely enjoy a smooth move with your cat by implementing the tips from these resources. Soon, you’ll both be relaxing on the couch together in your new home.

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