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Calling All Pet-loving Artisans and Makers! Sell your stuff on Art of the Pet

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by Tami Nantz | Art of the Pet | 8 months ago

Art of the Pet Marketplace launched in May 2019 and we are actively seeking out quality Artisans and Craftsmen of handmade pet products.  Art of the Pet is Live now and you can see the catalog at

Resources to learn more about Art of the Pet:

• You can learn more about our seller program via our YouTube Channel.

• Our Artisan Seller Program info can be downloaded HERE.

• Read our feature on Voyage Dallas Magazine.

Big Rules:

The main rule is that we only want “handmade” pet products for the pet and the pet lover/owner.

Q: What constitutes handmade?

A: Your products must be creative, original, “made entirely by hand, hand-altered, or hand-assembled (not from a kit)” and “handmade by you (the artisan) or by one of your employees. Should not be made on an assembly line, i.e, commodity, mass-produced. The use of sewing machines is just fine! 

Shop Set-up Services available:

If you are an Etsy seller you are likely busy! We offer shop Guru setup services in case you don’t have time to set up your own shop. It’s $35 for up to 5 products and that includes setting up your profile and keywords. We would send you the instructions on how to export your listings. Alternatively, you can set up your own shop and we have tutorial videos on our AOTP Youtube channel to help.

Fees and other info related to getting started:

We offer commission-free selling for the first month and afterward, the fee would be 6% if you sell something.  We currently do not have any listing fees.  We use as our payment processor and their fees are comparable to Paypal.

Advantages of Selling on Art of the Pet:

According to Google Analytics, some shops are getting 100 visits per month. The challenge is we need a bigger catalog to get more customers buying! Our platform allows you to blog and write articles to post on our site as well. You can even record videos and post them on our YouTube Channel.

Get started today:

To apply for a seller account send an email to  [email protected] ... also, please tell us what you sell and please provide some photos of your work.  Due to Insurance restrictions, we are not allowed to sell CBD products at this time.

Our social links are below in case you want to check them out!

Handmade Products we would like to add due to customer demand:

• Elevated feeders

• Ceramic or fancy feeding bowls

• Dog toys

• Cat toys

• Treats for all different pets

• Equestrian gear such as bridles, nameplates, blankets

• Cargo protection for traveling with pets

• Blankets for protecting cargo area of vehicles

• Dog and cat collars, harnesses, leashes

• Reptile housing

• Fish aquarium ornaments for inside the aquarium

• and more....

** due to insurance restrictions we are not authorized to sell CBD products at this time.