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Seller Program

Art of the Pet Marketplace and Art of the Pet LOCAL!

Art of the Pet Artisan Seller Program:

Thank you for considering Art of the Pet as an avenue to market your handmade Pet products. Since we are just getting started, we have initially established an application process. We are currently taking Makers of handmade pet supplies and products that are crafted for the pet and pet lover. We are also accepting applications for our Art of the Pet Local marketplace in the event you want to have a virtual store to offer your pet-related services.  Each program is outlined below.   

Advantages of selling on Art of the Pet:

  • 100% Pet Niche Marketplace with handmade pet products | Captive audience of pet lovers
  • AOTP Local will offer pet service providers and local artists and craftsmen the ability to have a virtual storefront at a reasonable cost.
  • Leave the advertising to us! We will be promoting our presence through all digital channels for the widest exposure. Of course, having our artist community assist in promoting allows us to cast a wider net.
  • Ability to blog and write articles to draw more traffic to your virtual store.
  • Manage your own store with the ability to interact with your customers, track the sale, and inventory management with our seller tools.
  • A secure platform that will protect privacy for you and your customers.
  • Shop setup services available for a nominal fee in case you are too busy!

Art of the Pet Marketplace: Program Information and Application process:

Ideally suited for Makers and Artists that want to offer handmade pet goods and supplies for the pets and the pet lovers of the world.

Requirements to qualify for the program -products must be handmade, not mass-produced.

What constitutes handmade? Your products must be creative, original, “made entirely by hand, hand-altered, or hand-assembled (not from a kit)” and “handmade by you (the artisan) or by one of your employees.  Should not be made on an assembly line, i.e, commodity, mass-produced. The use of sewing machines and other tools required to create the goods and supplies are just fine! ☺

How to apply: you can type an email message to get the instructions sent to you automatically: [email protected]  Ideally we like to see pictures of your work if we have not personally reached out to you in the past.

We also have a YouTube Video about our Seller Program which can be viewed here:

Art of the Pet Marketplace Fees:

Effective January 1, 2021 we have the following seller fees in effect:

  1. Once an item sells, there is a 6% commission transaction fee inclusive of shipping charges.
  2. Currently, our payment processor is Stripe. The fees show to be 2.9% + .30 per successful charge. Please click the link for more info.

We will also explore other Seller Program models as we expand and grow and open to suggestions. Programs subject to change with 90 days' notice.

Art of the Pet LOCAL! Program Information and Application process  NOTE:  **This is a future program and not applicable to Artisans selling products on the Marketplace**

(Likely to launch in Dallas, TX in later part of 2021)

Ideally suited for Pet Service Providers or Artists or Builders of pet products that want to just do business locally.  This program is for vets, pet photographers, dog groomers, dog walkers, etc.  This is not for a program for people selling handmade pet products this is for people providing a pet service.  For more information:

  1. We need your name, location, email, and phone number. We will email you first to set up a mutually convenient time to speak in case we have questions.
  2. What pet services do you offer or what do you build for pets and/or pet owners?
  3. What areas (zip codes) do you offer your services?
  4. If you are an artist or builder, please send us at least 5 photo examples of your work or a link to where we can find your work posted online.
  5. Once approved, we will send you the instructions for how to create your Art of the Pet account.

How to apply: you can type an email message to get the instructions sent to you automatically:  [email protected]

Art of the Pet LOCAL! Fees:

We have FREE FOREVER listings if you are among the first 20 to sign up for our pilot in your city!  Afterwards, it's an affordable $25.00 month/ Flat fee per Service listing. Entitles you to your own virtual store and includes up to 5 pictures, with video capabilities. Email us for more details:  [email protected]