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Darryl Petersen | Having a Blast | Pet Memorials & Pet Statues

Ideas to inspire

by Richard Rowlands | 7 months, 2 weeks ago

What better way to commemorate the life of a beloved pet than with a handmade memorial that will truly last a lifetime?  Darryl Petersen's custom pet memorials are made with genuine stones and pavers that are expertly sand carved with personalized pet tributes.

"My stones give folks comfort after the loss of a furry friend. Each time they glance at their memorial stone they're reminded of all the great times they shared with them," says Darryl.

The story of Darryl's Having a Blast handmade business began several years ago when he was vacationing in Tennessee. "I visited a shop that had sand carved art work. I purchased a stone for my son-in-law and was really interested in what I'd see on display. A couple of years later after doing some researchand purchasing the right equipment I began my handmade business making sand carved stone memorials," he explains.

Darryl uses high-quality, natural materials including genuine river stones and rugged stone pavers to make his handmade pet products. Each design is made to order, and customers can contact Darryl with their exact specifications for the perfect pet memorial.  

Multiple stone option colors, shapes and sizes
Darryl's inspiration comes from a genuine desire to help pet parents commemorate their furry family members in the best way possible. "I believe that every pet owner should have something to remember their pet by that's been crafted with care and will last forever," says Darryl.

In his free time, Darryl likes to spend time with the people and pets in his family. Currently, he has two rescue pets, Sweet Pea the cat and Pepper the Labrador mix. Darryl also enjoys traveling, wood working, and antiquing.

Looking to the future, Darryl hopes to continue building his handmade business and venture into larger stone work projects. "Eventually, I want to be large enough to employ staff and have a local store front to sell my products," he says.

Art of the Pet is excited to have Darryl offering his unique line of pet memorials and statues! We are proud to call ourselves a customer too! Working with Darryl was so easy and his attention to detail was appreciated as he sent over several stones to choose for the Ike memorial. The stone below was made for the Art of the Pet Founders Uncle who lost his beloved boxer Ike to cancer.

Custom sandcarved pet memorial by Darryl Petersen