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Vivian Cruz | Smooch la Pooch

Ideas to inspire

6 months, 3 weeks ago

Vivian Cruz, is the creative and energetic Founder ofSmooch La Poochbased out of San Antonio, TX.  Art of the Pet asked her how she got her start in the handmade pet business and Vivan gave us a great story.  She said, "I started creating handmade pet products when I was 25 years old. I was unsure what career path I wanted to follow but knew I wanted to start my own business. My father had his own business and encouraged me to take that leap." 

"I had always loved animals - especially dogs - so I thought about ways to incorporate that into my business. The pet market is very competive so I knew I needed a unique service or product to stand out." 

"While shopping for my two dogs - a Cane Corso and a Mini Schnauzer - I checked out the dog clothing selection. I noticed that dog clothing is made more for practical use than for a fashion statement. That´s when I decided what product I wanted to create for my new business. I would combine both practicality and fashion in dog clothing to give a new product to the world." 

Let it rain! | Smooch La Pooch

We asked Vivian, what makes her products unique and special.  She said, "I design clothing for all types of dogs in a variety of styles. Smooch la Pooch includes raincoats, sweaters, capes, dresses, t-shirts, polos and tuxedos. My handmade dog clothing is made using high quality materials. I get design inspiration from my dogs, current fashion trends and what's out there in the market." 

Our last question was "what's your favorite part of the handmade pet business?"  Vivian said "I like designing and seeing my products come to life. When a pup wears a Smooch la Pooch design it makes me happy that someone finds my product attractive and useful. My goal is to continue to create practical clothing for dogs with a bit of fashion flair so it's not boring. If people like to dress in fashion why can't our pups do the same?"  

Art of the Pet is excited to have Vivian offering her handmade dog clothing on our Marketplace!  We can't wait to see what new designs she will be rolling out for dog lovers all over the World.