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Patti Haskins | Critter Central

Ideas to inspire

by Richard Rowlands | 7 months, 1 week ago

Patti Haskins is a self-taught artist who's been making handmade items her whole life. She crochets, sews, draws, and embroiders. And almost everything Patti has ever created has involved her love of animals.

These days Patti runsCritter Central, her handmade business that sells critter shaped pillows and crocheted pets to happy customers around the world. 

She is also excited to offer her handmade pet products on Art of the Pet's website. "I'm looking forward to having my work available on a site where animals rule!" she says.

Each of Patti's eye-catching pillows are hand drawn using textile color on specially selected fabrics, making each item truly unique.

One of a kind handmade pet pillows with attention to detailPatti's crocheted cats and dogs are also one-of-a-kind pieces. They're made without a pattern, using multiple strands yarn to make them extra soft, squishy, and huggable.Handmade crocheted cats & dogs by Patti HaskinsAnd don't forget Critter Central's catnip snakes! They're a huge favorite with cats everywhere that's because they're stuffed with catnip saturated fiberfill and lots of strongly scented catnip from the higher altitudes and latitudes of Canada.

Handmade catnip snakes -> Cats love 'em!Patti's inspiration for her designs is all around her. She loves animals and shares her home with five indoor cats and a senior mutt. Patti also feeds local critters that turns up on her front porch, including feral cats, opossums, and raccoons. "I'm surrounded by inspiration!" she says.

The most rewarding part of Patti's business, and the part she loves most, is creating customized pillows and crocheted items to memorialize pets that have passed away. 

When she's not making handmade critters, Patti likes to hang out with her real critters or relax with some reading material. "I'm a readaholic. Books, magazines, blogs. I love to read," she says.