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Thanos & Chris | VacForPets

Ideas to inspire

by Richard Rowlands | 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Chris and Thanos are two brothers with a passion for handmade pet products. Their business,VacForPets, was born out of a desire to bring color and imagination to the world of pet accessories and create truly unique items that pet parents can be proud of.

"As a dog owner myself, I just couldn't find the right accessories. They all looked the same. It's as if a single manufacturer produced everything," explains Thanos.

Although they live and work in Greece, the brothers ship up to 75% of their handmade products to their loyal customer base in the US. Thanos is an experienced silversmith and a gifted designer and craftsman, while Chris handles sales and customer service on behalf of the business. 

The brothers offer handmade dog and cat collars, leashes, and poop bag dispensers made with soft, full-grain leather and premium metal hardware. You'll also find an exclusive collection of breakaway collars and custom, handmade pet ID tags in the VacForPets range.

"Our 100% handmade nameplates and ID tags are a particular favorite with customers. I've drawn on 10 years of experience as a silversmith to create what I consider to be 'jewels' for our four-legged friends.Some of our Pet ID tags and collars incorporate mixed metals with different effects and styles such as hammered or vintage finishes. Eye-catching and unique is the goal with all our products." says Thanos.   

In fact, VacForPets products are so unique that they caught the eye of Tami, Art of the Pet's founder, when she saw a very special collar on a dog in Tampa, Florida.  Tami asked the owner where he got the collar and was told he'd purchased it online from a maker in Greece. Determined to track down the maker, she searched online and found a picture of a similar collar along with contact details for VacForPets. She reached out to the brothers, and thankfully Chris and Thanos agreed to create an exclusive VacForPets handmade range of products for Art of the Pet!  

Meticulous attention to detail is what makes Chris and Thanos's handmade pet products really stand out from the crowd. Premium leather carefully cut, oiled, waxed, and stitched by hand. Solid brass buckles. Hand-stamped and expertly engraved custom metal tags. These seemingly small details add up to products that are as beautiful as they are durable.

The brothers draw their inspiration from a wide range of sources. Often, it's the desire to create a product that's simply better than what's already out there. Sometimes inspiration comes from nature, "like the colors of beautiful scenery or a rainy forest during fall," Thanos explains.

Feedback from delighted customers is also a huge source of inspiration for Chris and Thanos. And the brothers love nothing better than to receive notes of thanks from pet parents and photos of happy pets wearing their accessories.

Looking to the future, Chris and Thanos have clear and simple goals for their handmade business. "We want to make more of everything; and we want to keep improving our products as much as possible," says Chris.