Fleece Shirt/Pink Camouflage

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Fleece Shirt/Pink Camouflage

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Cozy Fleece shirt, perfect for playing outside or curling up on the couch. This Fleece shirt has short sleeves. My Jackson sleeps in his Fleece. Made with pre-washed polyester Fleece. Slips over the head, slide feet & legs carefully into sleeves. No velcro or buttons. Does not have an opening for the harness. Cut away to allow for easy potty time. These shirts are designed to fall slightly over hind quarters. Can be worn inside or outside. Please use the size chart as a guide. Message me with any questions.

Wash Instructions: Machine wash, cool. Machine dry, cool.

Sizes Available: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 ,

Pricing: Size 1 $18.00, Size 2 $20.00, Size 3 $22.00, Size 4 $28.00, Size 5 $30.00
Size 6 $34.00, Size 7 $36.00, Size 8 $40.00

Color Options: as shown,

Special Note: Never force your pet to wear any clothing or accessory. It may take time for your pet to adjust to their new accessories. Gently slip Fleece overhead. Carefully slide legs thru sleeve. Pull shirt over back toward the tail. When removing, grasp end of the shirt, near the tail, slowly and gently pull the shirt over pet's head. They will naturally put their head down and they will automatically step out of the sleeves/armhole.