Stoecker Stroll On The Beach Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait Artist Carol Stoecker

Stoecker Stroll On The Beach Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait Artist Carol Stoecker


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N/A-Pet Lover

Pet Lover




Title: “Stroll On The Beach”

You will have a DELIGHTFUL experience working directly with Carol to create a UNIQUE portrait of you and your special fur babies who capture your heart. Trust Carol, an EXPERT in pet portraits, for this special ONE-OF-A-KIND piece which will last you a lifetime! Delivered to you FREE of charge.


***Made to order using this photo as an example***

Hand painted using 4-8 reference pictures. Maybe you have a favorite landscape photo you would prefer. On this painting, I will need a photo of the BACK SIDE of each of your dogs :-) AND a photo of the back side of YOU! It would be awesome if someone could take a couple photos of you walking away from the camera. Make sure to wear the outfit you would like shown in the painting!

Materials: Acrylic on 1 1/2” Gallery Wrapped Canvas
*Gift Message Available

Each piece is specially created using pictures you email to me. Please send 4-8 clear pictures of the back sides of your dogs, a back side view of yourself and a landscape photo you prefer. The dogs don't have to be all in the same photo, however I need to see who is bigger than whom is some kind of picture.

Please allow 4 weeks from the time you email your pictures until you get a proof in your inbox.

You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with me a lot to adjust the final painting before shipping. The best way to do this is through email. My email is [email protected] You may also call me at 214-536-4274 to discuss this piece!