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Handmade Crocheted Items Straight From Brooklyn: Scarves, Hats, Snoods, Dog Scarves, and Dog Snoods


They say the best ideas are born out of love, and BKLYN Handmade began out of the love of two things: dogs and crocheting.

“We have always crocheted and looked down at our dog, Django one day, and thought that she would look so adorable in a handmade dog scarf, and it would also keep her warm in the cold New York City winters,” says co-founder Danielle Sullivan. “We made some prototypes in different color dog scarves and dog snoods. Django just loved wearing them. They were soft and warm, and it dawned on us that if she loved the dog snoods and dog scarves as much she did, other dogs would, too!”

BKLYN Handmade sells variations of dog snoods and dog scarves, and is affectionately known for their “handmade crochet wear for dogs and their humans.” Customers have raved about the personal service (the store offers customized sizes and fabrics) as well as their attention to detail. The impeccable stitches are a result of years of studying the craft. Danielle learned crocheting from her own mother (also a huge animal lover) and then passed the skill on to her two daughters, Amanda and Kate who are co-owners. Their brother, MJ, is a steadfast critic whose eye for detail helps them fine-tune their new designs.

Unique Selections for Dogs
The handmade dog snoods and scarves are one-piece items, which means the scarf/snood doesn’t need to be tied or buttoned up, which is especially good for puppies and dogs that chew on everything. The scarves and snoods also can be customized to each dog’s individual size and breed, whether it is tiny teacup dogs or giant breeds like Mastiffs and Great Danes.

Handmade and Proud
When asked what is the favorite part of the handmade business, Danielle couldn’t select just one. “So many things! We love making snoods/scarves knowing that they will ship out to dogs who will enjoy them, and that our products will help them stay warm and cozy. We also love hearing back from owners who get a kick out of opening the package and putting the scarves on their dogs. Every owner is so different and will order colors/patterns that mean something special to them. It’s very sweet. And we also absolutely love nothing more than when owners send us photos of their dogs wearing our snoods/scarves, and we get to see them! “

The inspiration behind every dog snood and dog scarf stems from their own dogs. “We know how much we love them and love taking care of them and spoiling them, so we know how exactly our customers feel. When our customers send us notes about how much they love their new dog snood, or the story behind why they wanted a certain color or pattern, we are just thrilled.”

The Dogs Behind The Scenes

When BKLYN Handmade first started the business, the ladies had a Chihuahua mix, Hayley and a Lab mix, Django. They made all of our designs in big and small sizes, and Django and Hayley happily modeled them, but they soon suffered a huge loss.

“Last August, we had to say goodbye to Hayley and it was the hardest thing we had to go through. She was sick for a long time, and 14 years old. She is the absolute sweetest girl. We retired a design known as “The Hayley” in her honor, and we miss her every single day but we know she will always be with us.”

In addition to the Django, they also have a senior black and white cat named Cloe and a spunky all-black cat, named Baby.

Future Plans
The shop is now branching into wedding wear for dogs: flowery, colorful designs as well as various bow ties. They are also bulking up the “Doggie And Me” section where they make matching scarf and hat sets for dogs and their humans.

“We are also always coming up with new designs for snoods and scarves, different colors, patterns, textures. There is always something new brewing!”

In fact, the shop is now offering beginner dog snood and dog scarf patterns so dog lovers who know how to crochet can make their own. “The patterns are really starting to take off. We make sure to create uncomplicated patterns that look amazing. Crocheting should be fun and not a chore, especially when first starting out.”

When not working on the shop, the ladies say they like to spoil their own pets and take long walks with Django. Danielle also has a blog called Some Puppy To Love where she offers advice on raising dogs.

Art Of The Pet
BKLYN Handmade is eager to start selling their dog snood and dog scarves on Art of The Pet. “We are thrilled to join because we love the idea of a marketplace exclusively for pet products. Animal lovers are truly a special breed. Also, we pride ourselves on creating unique handmade pieces with love and many of the larger marketplaces have become so generalized with no focus. We are so excited to join a network that is all about animals.”

Find BKLYN Handmade on Facebook and Instagram! For questions and concerns, please reach us via email: [email protected]

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