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Is your totally-extraordinary-far-from-average pet ready to become a Ritzy Rebel? Then you're in the right place! We offer many different pattern options, most of which has at least 4 different styles to chose from, so you can pick the perfect bandana to match your pet's amazing personality. Here ALL pets can be Ritzy Rebels! Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles - all of them!


Like many pet owners, getting just the necessities for my pets wasn't enough. They deserved every extra toy, tasty treat, and the best accessories. When it came to bandanas, there were TONS of different companies and shops that sold them, but I eventually noticed that the far majority just offered plain triangle bandanas, or others that were not of the best quality.

So in 2018, having had I a little bit of time to explore, I decided to dedicate myself to a new project - Making fun, awesome, and uniquely different bandanas for our stylish pets who only deserve the best.
The first thing we worked on was getting the right layouts for all of our size options, and after weeks of trial and error, we finally created the ideal layout of our bandanas, from the smallest Chihuahua to the tallest Great Dane. We began working on what kind of materials we would use to make our products. We use cotton fabric, heavy duty metal snaps, and carefully handsew every product for precise detail. A thorough quality check is performed on each item prior to your pet receiving their accessory.
Next came the fun part- Picking all of the lively and wonderful patterns that would make our products. We tried to pick out a wide variety of patterns that would be able to go with the ritziest and most rebel of pets!
From the beginning, one of our other missions was to be able to have all pets wear our bandanas. So I'm happy to say that we already have listings just for bearded dragons and small reptiles. Hopefully, with some help from our exotic Ritzy Rebel friends, we will have many more specific pet listings in the future!

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