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Creamery, PA

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We make handmade dog treats that are naturally preserved. No added sugar. No artificial coloring. No by-products. No artificial flavoring. Treats are made in small batches, always fresh.


Mr Wiggles Dog Treats is a small family owned company that’s been making dogs happy since 2012.  It started with an idea & and my best friend Mr Wiggles.  Our treats are full of flavor, made with 100% quality ingredients and are naturally preserved.  No by-products, artificial colors or flavors

We also have a website you can visit:

From our kitchen to your home with love 💕 

Shipping Policy

Treats are usually sent out next day of order unless item is ordered over the weekend or holiday. Then it would be mailed out the next mailing day available. Treats take can take up to a week to get to you.

Payment Policy

We accept credit. Cards & PayPal

Returns Policy

If there is a problem with your product, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

We will not give out any of your information to other people or companies. We may use your email to send you sale notifications & or promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

*What do you mean by natural dog treats?

Treats are considered natural when it does not contain by-products, food coloring , preservatives or sugar, which can produce many issues with dogs. Our treats are made with only natural ingredients.

*How do your treats stay fresh without using preservatives?

Our treats are made To order in small batches. After baking the cookies get dehydrated for many hours to pull the moisture out which can cause mold.

*What if my dog eats too many treats?

By giving your dog too many treats you won't just spoil their appetite for actual meals, but you could also make your dog overweight and unhealthy.

*How many dog treats should you give your dog a day?

On average, most dog owners give their dog one to five treats per day, with biscuits and dental care sticks among the most popular.