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Personalized pencil drawings of your favorite pet or person, from a new aspiring artist in Vietnam.


My name's Thư, Kya is my stage name. I love drawing and painting, anything related to make-up, and singing. I grew up in an orphanage in a small town in Vietnam. There were a lot of challenges that I faced in the orphanage, but drawing was always a way that I felt I could communicate the feelings and emotions that I held inside. At first, my drawings were basic doodles, but over time they became more mature and lifelike, and now drawing and painting have become a true passion.

As I approached high school graduation and my graduation from the orphanage, I had a desire to go on to university and study I.T. But the orphanage leadership suggested that I study pharmaceutical studies - which I did, but it felt like I was doing so at the expense of my dream.

But now that I am in Ho Chi Minh City at university, I would like to change back to my original dream. And I’m using this small portrait drawing business of mine, to generate enough income to support my basic living expenses and pay my school fees to change my degree back to my original dream of I.T., specifically with a focus on web design. I’m so glad you found my page. 

Please note that shipping comes from Vietnam and can take a few weeks to arrive in the US and other countries. 

Shipping Policy

All artwork will be shipped globally from Vietnam and costs are included in the total price.

Payment Policy

Payment is through Art of the Pet. We never receive your credit card information.

Returns Policy

Each drawing is unique and will take 2-3 days to complete, and a digital copy of the final drawing will be emailed prior to shipment. If you are not satisfied with the digital copy, then we will not ship the artwork, and return your money.

Privacy Policy

Your information will never be shared with anyone.

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