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Bonne et Filou is the first luxury dog treats brand in the U.S. Our unique French dog macarons (dog treats) are all-natural and handmade in the USA. These Royal treats are made of human-grade, corn-free, wheat-free ingredients, with no preservatives or anything artificial. They have a shelf life of 12+ months and do not need to be refrigerated. They are also endorsed by veterinarians. And unlike human macarons, they're actually healthy! Our customers (and yours) love our products as a day-to-day high-reward treat and its beautiful high-end packaging makes it the perfect gift for a dog birthday or any special occasion. Marie Claire magazine ranked us as #1 dog product & gift and Cosmopolitan, among others, recommended our products. Bonne et Filou’s promise is simple: we deliver the ultimate royal treat-ment for your pampered pup! Our treats are made with love and a pinch of sass, just what every pet royal deserves. Don't miss the opportunity to carry the most unique dog treats in the U.S. Try them today and join the Bonne et Filou barkgeoisie!


Bonne et Filou was inspired by the lavish lifestyles the dogs of French King Louis XIV, Bonne and Filou, lived in the Palace of Versailles. They slept in satin sheets, wore diamond collars and even had their own personal chef. Our mission is to provide the same caliber of luxury for our own pooches.

Not only are our dog macarons so tasty that they could be eaten by humans, but the packaging is also so high-end and unique that it brings humanization of our pooches to a level that cannot be found in another brand. Our dog macarons are handmade from the highest quality and human-grade ingredients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store Bonne et Filou treats?

Bonne et Filou's treats have low moisture levels and use only natural ingredients, ensuring a stable shelf life of 12+ months.
Store them in a cool, dry place at 60-70°F out of direct light. Make sure to have your dog consume them before the best by date on the packaging.
Exposure to moisture, 80+°F temperatures and light for long periods of time can reduce the shelf life of the product.

Do I need to refrigerate Bonne et Filou treats?

Non! That's the magic of our dog macarons! Our products have been thought out and carefully designed to be incredibly convenient, no refrigeration required! They are hard treats and not real human macarons, so they do not need to be consumed right away. When stored according to the directions, the product is safe until its best by date, but freshest within the first few weeks of opening.