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Clayton, NC

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A Puzzle Piece is a labor of love. Everything is handcrafted and we love to customize.


Hello, my name is Zachary, and I am the Co-Founder of A Puzzle Piece. A Puzzle Piece started as a way for me to learn life skills which I had not learned prior, primarily woodworking, the use of power tools, and marketing.
The name of the company comes from the fact that I have Aspergers Syndrome, which is currently on the Autism Spectrum, and the common saying for people with Autism is that we are “a different puzzle piece”, so the name fits well with this fact, and thus A Puzzle Piece was born.
The Importance of A Puzzle Piece to me is that it is currently run primarily within my family. The idea of a family run company hits close to me, as I adore my family, and everything I have ever done, and will do, with them.
Thank you for showing interest in our company, and I hope you have a blessed day!

Shipping Policy

Most items will be ready to ship 7-10 days following order. UPS Ground will be the standard shipping method. International shipping is not available.

Payment Policy

Payment-in-full, including shipping, required at time of order.

Returns Policy

A Puzzle Piece stands behind its workmanship. All pieces are made-to-order. So, full replacement is the only way to correct for damage or imperfections. If you find any reason to be dissatisfied with our product(s), please contact us via e-mail immediately explaining your concern and we will work to resolve it.

Privacy Policy

We only collect information for the purposes of order fulfillment. We have no mailing lists or newsletters and have no interest in selling customer information.

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